Vebinaras “DeepFakes: Legal & Business considerations”

Webinar’s record can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/jauniejiadvokatai/videos/3536355173048035/?vh=e&d=n

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MIUC students participated in a webinar with LJAA on #DeepFakes: Legal and #BusinessImplications.

Speakers practicing at the intersection of law, #technology and business explained the technology behind the deep fakes and addressed #ethical and regulatory #concerns. At the “dare to ask” session where students had a seat at the (virtual) table they discussed the potential role of the business owners and #onlinecontent dissemination platforms as well as the #governments in addressing regulation of deep fakes.

Webinar was based on recent co-authored article in the Journal of #IntellectualProperty Law & Practice by Oxford University Press.

Webinar on the topic was based on recent co-authored article in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice by Oxford University Press (article is available here: https://academic.oup.com/jiplp/article-abstract/15/1/24/5709090?redirectedFrom=fulltext).


– Dr Edvinas Meskys is the President of Lithuanian Young Bar Association, Attorney-at-law at Ellex Valiunas law firm (Vilnius), the Head of the Legal Department for Teva Baltics (Lithuania) and a guest lecturer at MIUC.

– Aidas Liaudanskas, MEng (Cambridge), is Machine Learning Engineer at Fyusion, Inc. (San Francisco).

– Julija Kalpokiene, LLM (Nottingham), is Attorney-at-law assistant at Konsus (Kaunas) & a member of Lithuanian Young Bar Association.




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