Deep Fake

Dr. Edvinas Meškys ir Julija Kalpokienė LJAA vardu davė interviu Didžiosios Britanijos laikraščiui “Daily Star”

LJAA prezidentas dr. Edvinas Meskys ir Kauno skyriaus narė pirmininko pavaduotoja Julija Kalpokienė davė interviu Didžiosios Britanijos laikraščiui “Daily Star” apie Teisines #DeepFake rizikas! #NewsPaper #DailyStar

President of the Lithuanian Young Bar Association Dr Edvinas Meskys, 35, warned deepfakes raised the risk of nuclear wars and fuel conspiracy theories. “This means that while the technologies on creating the deep faked videos become more acceptable, it is just the matter of time when it will be hard to prove the source. “This calls for immediate reaction and need for anti-deep fake solutions in order ensure the validity of the source, as such deep fakes could raise threats in democratic processes and be used for illegal activity.”

Plačiau skaitykite: Prosecutors told to verify ‘deepfake’ evidence that could let criminals off hook

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